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Our Amazing God


Our Amazing God

Price: $19.99
Quantity Available: 22 (as of 5:54pm EST on 02/24/2018)
ISBN/UPC: 1940262763
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Smith Candace O
Publisher: Advocate
Product ID: 982763
Description: Candace O. Smith has a gift for pointing to God's unchanging character and Word to correct our faulty spiritual notions and renew our joy. Each of three books in her Peacock Walk Ranch series focuses on themes to initiate new believers and refresh mature believers who may be road weary. Peacock Walk Ranch is where Candy grew up as a young believer in the wild, craggy beauty of South California immersed in a solid faith community. The ranch s inviting environment spills off the colorful pages of Candy's studies, shouting, Being a believer is beautiful Our Amazing God is the starting point, focusing on the eleven attributes of God that remind us of all He is and all He will do for us. Book two, What Happens at the Moment of Salvation, is a study of all the instant benefits we receive when we accept Jesus as our Savior. Book three, Our Unique Abilities and Capabilities as Believers is a systematic study from Romans to Revelation of how we can approach life confidently as believers. Each lesson keeps to the approach of discovering and countering our spiritual misconceptions and replacing them with empowering Bible truths. Candy invites you to use her online video classes to kick off your small group study. Teacher, student, and self-paced journaling versions of Our Amazing God are available."

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