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Audio CD-Baggage (5 CD)


Audio CD-Baggage (5 CD)

Price: $39.99
Quantity Available: 7 (as of 3:01am EST on 12/15/2017)
ISBN/UPC: 643101123225
Department: Cassettes
Format: Audio CD
Author/Artist: Damazio Frank
Publisher: City Christian Publishing
Product ID: 823221
Description: Many of us get weighed down with baggage full of regrets, hurts, and grudges that we drag with us through the years. In this series, Frank Damazio shows you how to identify whatís in your bag and provides steps to releasing your burden and experiencing the freedom of Godís grace. The five audio CDs enclosed are: 1. Whatís In Your Bag? 2. Who Packed Your Bag? 3. Jesus Can Handle Your Baggage 4. Courage to Face Whatís In Your Bag 5. Faith to Empty Your Bag

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