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Audio CD-Becoming The Church God Has In Mind-Part 2


Audio CD-Becoming The Church God Has In Mind-Part 2

Price: $49.99
Quantity Available: 2 (as of 3:01am EST on 12/15/2017)
ISBN/UPC: 643101122525
Department: Cassettes
Format: Audio CD
Author/Artist: Damazio Frank
Publisher: City Christian Publishing
Product ID: 822525
Description: Part 2
Whatever church means to you, church done God's way is much more than a building, a wedding location, or a Sunday napping experience. Church done God's way raises the heartbeat and engages the whole person in a dynamic and meaningful experience that shapes all of life. This is the kind of church we want to build together - a thriving, living, breathing body of believers known as the A2 Church.
Part 2 covers:
5. Becoming a People-Reaching and Regional Impacting Church
6. Belonging to and Building the A2 Church Together
7. Celebrating Life Together As the A2 Church
8. Living and Working in Unity as the A2 Church
Contents Include:
- 4 Audio CDs
- 1 Data CD (Includes complete speaker notes [MS Word & PDF] and sermon slides [MS PowerPoint & PDF])

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