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Toddlers Bible (Repack)


Toddlers Bible (Repack)

Price: $16.99
Quantity Available: 6 (as of 2:26am EST on 01/23/2018)
ISBN/UPC: 0781405793
Department: Book
Format: Hardcover
Author/Artist: Beers V Gilbert
Publisher: David C Cook
Product ID: 455793
Description: The Toddler’s Bible, with a fresh cover and all-new artwork,gives parents an ideal way to begin instilling God’s Word into their child’s heart. Short stories plus captivating, colorful illustrations make this a keepsake parents and their children will cherish. Geared for infants to three-year-olds, its lessons will make a lasting impression. This perennial best-seller, first published in 1992, is a wonderful introduction to the main events and people in Scripture, including Noah and the flood, Jonah and the whale, Moses and the Ten Commandments, and Jesus’ resurrection, plus many more. 101 “bite-size” Bible stories make this book wonderful to use at story time or when tucking a toddler in at night. Developed by noted children’s author V. Gilbert Beers, with charming new illustrations by Claudine Gevry.

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