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VBS-Amazing Desert Journey-Stud Trav Journ (Preschool)


VBS-Amazing Desert Journey-Stud Trav Journ (Preschool)

Price: $2.99
Quantity Available: 7 (as of 5:44pm EST on 01/18/2018)
ISBN/UPC: 0758631049
Department: VBS
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Concordia
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House
Product ID: 301049
Description: Versatile and easy to use, this Activity Pack has life application activities for each day—plus transition activities, Bible stories, and pictures to appropriately engage preschoolers. New this year, these leaflets extend beyond VBS with SONspots and Family Footprints, providing meaningful age-appropriate, faith-teaching, at-home activities for the whole family. Age appropreiate for presschoolers (ages 3-5).

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