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Baby's First Bible: A CarryAlong Treasury


Baby's First Bible: A CarryAlong Treasury

Price: $9.99
Quantity Available: 14 (as of 4:02am EST on 02/25/2018)
ISBN/UPC: 0794438490
Department: Book
Format: Board Material
Author/Artist: MacLean Colin & Mo
Publisher: Readers Digest
Product ID: 192165
Description: Lovingly illustrated, with peek-through windows, Baby's First Bible is a book to treasureóbringing the world's greatest book to life in the heart of every child!
Baby's First Bible is the perfect introduction to the Bible. Carefully selected stories, timeless verses, and delightful rhymes take the child on a journey from creation through resurrection. When you see the picture of a parent's hand hold a child's hand, it's time to share a special parent-and-child activity!

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