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A Guide To Alternative Chiropractic Technique


A Guide To Alternative Chiropractic Technique

Price: $34.95
Quantity Available: 620 (as of 10:07pm EST on 12/12/2017)
ISBN/UPC: 099042393X
Department: Misc
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Finden Danielle
Publisher: Red Arrow Publishing
Product ID: 131321
Description: Traditional chiropractic techniques have always favored practitioners who are larger in stature. These common adjustments are simply harder to do if you have a small physical frame. As a petite female chiropractor, Dr. Danielle Trego Finden realized early in her chiropractic training that she would have to adapt the traditional techniques taught in school in order to be successful in practice, remain injury-free, and enjoy a long career. So, she developed and implemented the techniques described in this book on a daily basis in her private practice. Now, she shares her insights with the rest of the chiropractic community a professional community that is now graduating more female practitioners than ever before.
Though Dr. Finden specifically designed her techniques to accommodate her own size, while preventing injury, every chiropractor will benefit from they way her methods enhance adjustments and ensure a long, healthy career.

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