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Apostolic Centers

Apostolic Centers

Price: $16.99
Quantity Available: Call for availability
ISBN/UPC: 0982265336
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Caron Alain
Publisher: Arsenal Press
Product ID: 129589
Description: "Apostolic Centers is the first of a kind. It not only describes the transition, but it analyses each step of the process. The book is some of the best writing I have seen on the apostolic movement." - C. Peter Wagner
A Shift Is Underway...
A seismic wave of revolution is about to shake our world, thanks to the emergence of apostolic centers. With the sage wisdom gained from developing his own church’s apostolic model, Alain Caron shares on how to transform today's churches into dynamic training and sending centers. Learn:
how Scripture supports an apostolic strategy,
how to establish a Spirit-led apostolic gathering,
how to build an apostolic team, and
how to collectively impact the world through the power grid of apostolic networks.
If you desire greater kingdom impact in your region, and if you want to unleash God’s purposes for His church, Apostolic Centers is the guide to transforming your local church into a vibrant body—one in which every believer is an active catalyst for the kingdom.
Author Bio: Alain Caron serves as the apostolic team leader of Église Le Chemin, a dynamic expression of Christ’s body located in Québec. He is also the founder and director of Hodos, an apostolic and prophetic network that connects and aligns like-minded ministries and believers toward the advancement of the kingdom of God. Alain and his wife, Marie, reside in Gatineau, Québec, Canada.
In transparent, tell-all chapters, you will read first hand experiences from the children of:
Bill and Beni Johnson
Heidi and Rolland Baker
Randy and DeAnne Clark
John and Carol Arnott
James and Michal Ann Goll
Mike and Dianne Bickle
Lou and Therese Engle
Che and Sue Ahn
Georgian and Winnie Banov
Jack and Trisha Frost
Be inspired… as the next generation shares their raw testimonies of encountering God – building their own personal relationships with Jesus.

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