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Crown Her A King Book 1: Cancerous Chaldee


Crown Her A King Book 1: Cancerous Chaldee

Price: $12.95
Quantity Available: 21 (as of 4:54am EST on 12/18/2017)
ISBN/UPC: 1940359058
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Dewbrew Susan
Publisher: Burkhart Books
Product ID: 113646
Description: Have you felt like there is something wrong with the church at large, but you just canít put your finger on it? To heal a cancerous condition one must first get an accurate diagnosis and then execute a strategic plan of attack. ďWith refreshing optimism and not a hint of the feminist Jezebel spirit, Susan invites us to travel with her as she discovers more of Godís plan for women, His Church and indeed, the world. In what could potentially be a divisive presentation, Susanís sweet spirit and sincere humility make her message easy to receive, as does her passionate love for Christ and His Church which come shining through on every page.Ö Filled with hope, faith and contagious enthusiasm, Susan inspires us to live in Godís original design for both men and womenótaking dominion together over the earth, bringing Godís supernatural Kingdom to our everyday lives by ruling and reigning with HimÖ. You will come away with a fresh understanding of familiar Scriptures. You will find peace from the tension and questions youíve had about women in ministry and leadership.

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