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Broken Parts Missing Pieces

Broken Parts Missing Pieces

Price: $12.95
Quantity Available: Call for availability
ISBN/UPC: 0578118556
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Johnson Don
Publisher: Don Johnson
Product ID: 107775
Description: Many of us have sought insights from the experience of ancient cultures for the kind of wisdom that impacts and transforms our lives in the modern world. Johnson leaves nothing to abstraction in the connections he makes between the microcosm of his inner world – formed in the crucible of Native American tribal life – and the macrocosm of Western Civilization. From a Western European perspective, Johnson’s work is a form of confessional literature or biographical history. Yet, clearly, the unwinding of his literary method flows more centrally from the core traditions of indigenous peoples and their leaders who have classically given guidance and instruction directly from the content of their inner world of dreams, visions and intimate narratives of personal journey.
“Broken Parts Missing Pieces” is the fruit of a literary walk-about of some forty years, an inside-out vision that had to be lived before it could be written, far more significant for all of us than if its form were limited to that of a personal or community oral history alone. Whitman said in Leaves of Grass: “Camerado! This is no book; Who touches this, touches a man”. It is rarely the case we find this to be true of most other literary works. This flesh-becoming-words-quality is eminently present in “Broken Parts Missing Pieces”.
If you are drawn to works with powerful inspirational messages, woven out of great story-telling and a spirituality that incorporates a remarkable breadth of historical perspective and relevance to our times, you will find “Broken Parts Missing Pieces” to be an irresistible read.""

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