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Zechariah: Visions & Prophets


Zechariah: Visions & Prophets

Price: $15.99
Quantity Available: 18 (as of 4:20pm EST on 12/18/2017)
ISBN/UPC: 0983969116
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Baron David
Publisher: Forerunner Publishing
Product ID: 101360
Description: David Baronís classic work Zechariah: Visions and Prophecies is considered a giant
among expositions of this Old Testament book. The book of Zechariah contains
some of the most specific and comprehensive information for the Church concerning
end-time events which will occur in Jerusalem and the nations. Zechariah informs
us of Godís end-time plan for the nation of Israel, of her coming glory and
suffering, of the great battle at the close of this age when the city of Jerusalem will
be liberated by Jesus, the great Warrior-King and of his future reign on earth from
Jerusalem, the City of Truth (Zech. 8:3). Zechariahís message brought a warning of
trouble, yet held great promise for Jerusalem. He prophesied Jerusalemís future glory
and suffering, heralding a time when Jewish apostasy would reach its zenith, and
then be swiftly followed by Israelís wholehearted devotion to Jesus.

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