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Amplified Bible On 6 MP3 Audio CDs-Old And New Testament


Amplified Bible On 6 MP3 Audio CDs-Old And New Testament

Price: $24.99
Quantity Available: 72 (as of 3:01am EST on 12/15/2017)
ISBN/UPC: 814358014035
Department: Cassettes
Format: Audio CD
Author/Artist: Stevens Steven
Publisher: Taw Global
Product ID: 091485
Description: "Break Through The Language Barrier, Expand Your Understanding"
The Amplified Bible is a Literal Equivalent translation that, by using synonyms and definitions, both explains and expands the meaning of words in the text. This unique system of translation allows the reader to more completely and clearly grasp the meaning as it was understood in the original Hebrew and Greek languages.
For example, the Greek word pisteuo, which the vast majority of versions render as "believe." That simple translation, however, hardly does justice to the many meanings contained in the Greek pisteuo: "to adhere to, cleave to; to trust to have faith in; to rely on, to depend on."

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