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American Literature Student Text (3rd Edition)


American Literature Student Text (3rd Edition)

Price: $56.67
Quantity Available: 4 (as of 5:44pm EST on 01/18/2018)
ISBN/UPC: 1606827332
Department: Homeschool
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Bju Press
Product ID: 090644
Description: The Teacherís Edition associated with this textbook may arrive later than expected. American Literature Teacherís Edition (3th ed.) will ship on August 1. The CD will follow on September 30. Talk to your Precept sales representative for more information.
American Literature Student Text (3rd ed.)contains introductory essays for each unit providing an overview of the cultural and historical events and ideas influencing each literary period. The instruction for the literature selections is structured around the reading process approach. Students will improve close-reading skills with questions during reading that focus on the three strands of study: Analyze, Read, and Evaluate.

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