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When First I Heard The Whisper


When First I Heard The Whisper

Price: $9.99
Quantity Available: 95 (as of 1:57pm EST on 12/17/2017)
ISBN/UPC: 1939570131
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Causley Fred Sr
Publisher: Word & Spirit Resources, LLC
Product ID: 08854X
Description: When First I Heard the Whisper is a collection of poems written over the span of 15 years. Fred Causley draws inspiration and guidance from the Holy Spirit through ordinary day-to-day situations, from driving down the highway to paying bills. The book is formatted as a devotional with a short discussion on the left page that inspired the poem which is placed on the right page. Bible references are included as a backup to theological points found in the poem. The references are provided to encourage the reader to go to Godís Word to check them out for themselves.
Each poem is written in a rhyming style that makes the meaning fairly easy to understand, especially if the reader has even a passing acquaintance with the Bible.
When first I heard the whisper of Godís gentle voice,
I had to write it down, there was no other choice.
I sure canít play music, and my singing is worse,
So I serve God through this simple verse.

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