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Aging Grace: The Journey To A Healthy 100

Aging Grace: The Journey To A Healthy 100

Price: $12.95
Quantity Available: Call for availability
ISBN/UPC: 0615592406
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Hafer Tom
Publisher: Huff Publishing Associates
Product ID: 08415X
Description: 1,500 years ago, the Celtic Christians spoke of Thin Places. These were said to be locations at which the separation between one's physical and spiritual worlds were paper-thin.
To live in a Thin Place is to be aware that our life is a journey. Although challenging at times, our lives are truly an orchestrated harmonious, God-ordained pilgrimage; a long walk through the Holy Ground. You will find this spiritual discovery is a gift more precious than gold. In fact, besides eating a healthy diet and having exercise each day, this awareness could be thought of as the third variable that leads to 100 years of healthy inspired living. I invite you to discover your personal Thin Place through the pages of this book.
About the Author: Tom Hafer is Chaplain and Physical Therapist at the Village (The Gulf Coast Village) which has inspired this book. He is a Pastor of the Village Chapel, an ecumenical and intergenerational church where all denominations and religions are welcomed. Tom also travels and lectures on the topics of Faith and Fitness.

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