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His Hallowed Name Revealed Again w/CD

His Hallowed Name Revealed Again w/CD

Price: $19.95
Quantity Available: Call for availability
ISBN/UPC: 0615333230
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Johnson Keith
Publisher: Biblical Foundations Academy
Product ID: 048565
Description: “Hallowed be thy Name” is an action-packed phrase from a powerful prayer, taught by arguably the most influential person who ever walked the earth! Unfortunately, if you pose the following question to the millions of people who pray this familiar prayer on a regular basis, you probably will not get an acceptable answer: What is the name of our Heavenly Father that is to be hallowed?
His Hallowed Name Revealed Again answers this thought-provoking question through an engaging and challenging presentation. Prepare to take a journey that will lead you to a life-changing revelation about the name that has been concealed for too long, and now has been revealed again!
Therefore my people shall know my name; therefore in that day I am the One who is speaking, ‘Here I am’. Isaiah 52:6

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