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First Class Leaders

First Class Leaders

Price: $12.99
Quantity Available: Call for availability
ISBN/UPC: 885713000024
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Grant Bernard
Publisher: MileStones International Pub
Product ID: 03832X
Description: So you want to be a leader...
Leaders are strong people of power. Leaders are filled with vision. Leaders shape the direction of the future. But what really makes a leader? What are the keys that build the foundations for strong leadership? And what are the secrets that protect a leader from outside influences that aim to destroy?
Whether you are just starting or have been in a leadership role for years, these time-tested principles will help strengthen and improve your leadership skills.
Dr. Bernard Grant shares from his own experiences practical yet challenging words of advice that will guide you as you navigate the fine lines of relating to those within and without your sphere of influence.
In First Class Leaders Dr. Grant will explain the power of:
Modeling what is important to you
Avoiding competition and comparisons
Keeping your faith alive in the workplace
Exercising self-control
Creating a God-centered atmosphere
Whether you are a pastor, a professional in the workplace, or a leader in a specialized group, these 50 principles will strengthen your leadership skills.
Donít wait to learn the hard way through experiences and hard knocks; be prepared with Dr. Bernard Grantís First Class Leaders.

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