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Where Would Jesus Lead?


Where Would Jesus Lead?

Price: $14.99
Quantity Available: 14 (as of 1:26am EST on 01/24/2018)
ISBN/UPC: 0768432146
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Goodell Gary
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Product ID: 035833
Description: SUBTITLE: A Study of Chaordic Leadership
This book is about leading among, rather than leading from, or leading over. It is the art of being with others in one-on-one contexts and small group mentoring context, rather than defaulting to the leadership model that is based upon our leading from our titles, our positions, and our assumed roles. It is time to transition to a more collaborative style of leading. It is about coming alongside people, for the peoples sake, and leading among them so that the next generation of leaders can achieve their own personal and ministry destiny.

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