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Christianity Unshackled


Christianity Unshackled

Price: $16.99
Quantity Available: 7 (as of 6:43pm EST on 12/15/2017)
ISBN/UPC: 0768431417
Department: Book
Format: Trade Paper
Author/Artist: Eberle Harold
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Product ID: 025640
Description: This book is truly liberating. It traces the roots of Christian bondage and how Western thought has skewed pure Christianity and therefore the path Christians have taken over the past 2,000 years.
After untangling historical aspects, author Harold R. Eberle rebuilds a Christian worldview, laying fresh, biblical truths on the ancient Hebrew foundation. This faith-building worldview yields answers for some of the hardest questions today's society raises. It stands up against the most fearsome attacks from Christianity's modern opponents. It renews your faith in God's Word and strengthens your confidence in His love for you.
Christianity Unshackled:
Challenges the foundations of your Western worldview.
Firmly plants you on a more sure Christian foundation.
Instills confidence within your heart and mind.
Arms you to defend the Christian faith against critics.
Frees you to live a more abundant Christian life.
Unshackle your heart and mind today with spiritual truths that will shake your world!

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