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DVD-Left Behind III/World At War


DVD-Left Behind III/World At War

Price: $9.98
Quantity Available: 91 (as of 9:19pm EST on 01/22/2018)
ISBN/UPC: 745638008034
Department: Cassettes
Format: DVD
Author/Artist: Cloud Ten Pictures
Publisher: Cloud Ten Pictures
Product ID: 007378
Description: In the prophesized world of the Book of Revelation, world leader Nicolae Carpathia has done the unimaginable, unite the world in peace and end all bloodshed. American President Fitzhugh (Lou Gossett Jr.), shares the dream, and has dedicated himself to making sure the world's most powerful nation didn't stand in the way, but when a failed assassination attempt opens his eyes to an underground world and a horrifying glimpse into a sinister conspiracy, Fitzhugh must come to terms with an agonizing truth - World War III is pounding at the door. Can the Tribulation Force find a way to stop the death of millions of people, and perhaps the end of history itself?

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